Explore Istanbul

Zerrin SapmazStop being a tourist and be a local while exploring Istanbul with me…

Here you have arrived exactly the main resource for your travel to Istanbul. I offer extensive information on numerous historical places, sight, shopping styles and much more for independent visitors.

You are able to, and deserve to have private travel service in Istanbul and Turkey. Whatever you plan; your incentive meeting, a luxury vacation, round tours or jetting off for a quick weekend to Turkey with our care and attention, it is a pleasure for me to realize your travel style in Turkey with my 22 years guiding experience.  The culture, customs, lifestyle and food in Istanbul is often reduced to a tourism brochure and magazine- friendly cliché of Europe and Asia meet, but travelling through Istanbul as a reality reveals a far more fascinating and amazing nuanced photograph. Istanbul offers you a warm, safe and impressive experience.

The visitors expect and appreciate the many personalized touches, services, amenities that define true personalized travel. Whether you would like to have a hosted cultural experience, culinary tour, and blue cruise or customized service in Istanbul or to different destinations in Turkey; I am here to ensure that your travel experience meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations. You are able to, and deserve to have peace of mind knowing that I am available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Zerrin SapmazI provide all services written below to make your day / days so enjoyable than ever from landing to Istanbul and home going:

  • It is the best way to fully appreciate the richness of Istanbul’s history, culture and cuisine. Feel free to ask any question that may pop into your head to get far more information than can fit in a book.
  • Depending on preference we can do tour for a day or more days (particularly in Istanbul) or may choose to accompany you as your local tour guide throughout your entire journey.
  • I have priority to avoid the lines and buy tickets as a licensed guide. Therefore, no crowds, no queues!
  • Explore the local sights to see the local casual life of Turkish people by passing through the old historical buildings from Byzantine and Ottoman period on a walking tour with me.
  • I provide professional assistance in safety and comfort; unbiased information about stories, legends, traditions and culture of my country where East and West met and then split.
  • Zerrin SapmazI am personally acquainted with dozens of Istanbul shops and shopkeepers, who are happy to give me no-nonsense, value for money prices. You pay only the fee of the private tour, so I am going to be working on your behalf, not for a commission on sales.
  • I offer a personalized itinerary guiding you to sights, shops and art galleries of you would like to visit. Save time and consequently, save money by having someone take you exactly where you want to go.
  • There is no vehicle involved for you. If it is requested, a private car or van can be arranged for you. You may choose a half day tour of four hours, beginning whenever you would like to start, or a full day tour of eight hours…

“I pride myself on my ability to add a personal touch to each tour l handle. It is very important for me that my clients return home with an unforgettable experience to remember…”