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Arts and Handcrafts - A to Z by Tour Guide Zerrin Arts and Handcrafts

Arts and Handcrafts

Arts and Handcrafts

Imagine yourself wandering into shops stocked with an array of Turkish Handmade Rugs, Turkish Handmade Jewelry in a modern or cultural style, Leather Jackets, Bags or Shoes produced in Istanbul, Iznik Tiles and Ceramics, Silvers, Scarves, Fabrics and many others!

Or finding that contemporary art or Turkish Arts and Handcrafts that will complement your decor perfectly. Shops, Art Galleries and Range are endless and full of choice.

Whatever the reason, I would love to offer you a chance to also enjoy the delights of these unique arts and handcrafts…

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Quartz Iznik Tiles

Quartz Iznik Tiles is a work of art and art lovers honor it in all over the world. Iznik Tiles art is a Turkish Handcraft which has not got old and worn off from old centuries to today. Masters start with mixing quartz with little amount of clay to obtain the material of piece. Amount […]


Jewelry design has been an important part of Turkey’s history for 5000 years. Ottoman jewelry was ornate and extremely colorful.  Jewelers have been using a variety of metals in each piece. This use of multiple materials differentiates Turkish designs from most European jewelry. It is typically crafted from a single metal, usually silver or gold. […]


Calligraphy is a visual hand writing art. It is the execution of lettering with a pen or ink brush. We can call the contemporary calligraphic practice as “the art of giving form to signs in harmonious, expensive and skillful manner. Calligraphy word which means line or a line of writing in Arabic language. Artists introduce […]

Turkish Fabrics

Turkish fabrics loom large in the evolution of fabric with its weaving technique, specialty of material, pattern richness. It is limited to tell about the origin of Turkish fabrics. The first samples of Turkish weaving art has bright colors and rich ornaments. We can see the samples at the pictures of the Buddhist caves in […]

Turkish Leather

As one of the oldest craft of the world, nowadays, Turkish Leather working has been sustaining manufacture tradition which had brought through the centuries in Anatolia where hosted the oldest civilizations of the world… It is a huge manufacturing sector which comes from centuries with its factories, confection workshops, leather tanning complexes in many cities […]