Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Museums in Turkey are all open during public and Eid holdiays. City Museums are mostly closed on Mondays. But I list the closed days of famous museums in Turkey.

  • Hagia Sophia Museum was converted to a functional mosque in 2020 and 7 days open. Topkapı Palace is closed on TUESDAYS.
  • Underground cistern is open 7 days a week. But nowadays, it is closed  because of renovation.
  • Chora Museum was converted to a functional mosque in 2020 and 7 days open.
  • Pammakaristos Museum are closed on WEDNESDAYS
  • Dolmabahçe Palace is closed on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.
  • Beylerbeyi Palace is closed on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.
  • Blue Mosque is not a museum and as a functional Mosque open to visitors except the praying times. And it is free entry.
  • Open Air Museums such as Ephesus, Pergamon, Cappadocia are all open 7 days a week.

In Istanbul; Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are closed on Sundays, in Public Holidays and Eids. Shopping Malls are all open. Private shops in shopping districts such as in Nisantasi, Taxim are closed. And all restaurants cafes are all open. But all museums are open during public holidays.

Are Restaurants, Cafes open in Ramadan Month and is it free to eat and drink outside?

Yes. Every where is open during days of Ramadan? Some restaurants are open all nights too. So People can find Restaurants or cafes to eat and drink in every corner. Also it is free to drink and eat outside. No one will shout you, if you drink or eat something. But we become more careful not to eat or drink in front of them just to respect.

There are 2 religious events (Eid) in a year for Muslims and their timing changes every year according to the Moon Calendar. Turkey use Sun Calendar which is international one. But Islam follows Moon Calendar. So, Days come 10 days earlier every year.

Ramadan Eid which takes 3 days after Ramadan Month. Only schools, banks, all official places are closed in these 3 days. But Restaurants Cafes, Bars, sights, museums are all open. Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are closed during Ramadan Eid in Istanbul.

Sacrificing Eid is 2 months later after Ramadan Eid which takes 4 days. Only schools, banks, all official places are closed in these 3 days. But Restaurants Cafes, Bars, sights, museums are all open. Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are closed during Sacrificing Eid in Istanbul

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Turkey

It is a cultural country. You can find all kind of souvenirs from 1Euro to hundreds thousands such as silver, gold, precious non precious stoned jewellery, hand loomed fabrics, crafts, carpets, leather goods, magnets. So Come with empty luggage to Turkey. Please check our shopping tips in our blog page>>>

Can I make up my own itinerary?

Of course you can. We can customize your itinerary up on your preferences such as where ever you want to visit, speed of tour, starting and ending time etc.

Can I use my mobile phone In Turkey? Yes you can use it.
Do you need vaccinations for Turkey? No, You don’t need it.

Visitor of Turkey need to have min 6 months left validity in her/his passport while entering the country. EU and Western country citizens can apply for Turkish visa at the airports or border gates of Turkey. Please check which country citizens can apply Turkish visa at the borders from the link below. But We advise you to apply for e-visa not to have any risk and prevents waiting in long queues at the airport. The process for application is very simple. Head to the official website of Foreign Affairs Ministry we shared below. You will find and application form. After filling this application form, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard. But there are many websites prepared by some unknown people. Please be sure it is the website of Turkey’s Foreign Affairs Ministry. The link: All your questions will be answered. Once you applied and have been submitted, you are going to receive your e-visa via email within 48 hours.

First of All, Turkey is not a Middle East Country. Turkey lands start at the end of Europe and covers all beginning of Asia. So Middle East starts when Turkey lands end. Second thing is Turkish People do not use Arabic Alphabet and use Turkish Alphabet which is similar with Latin Alphabet. Third thing is Turkish people do not speak Arabic. We speak our own language Turkish which is 3000 years old. Turkey has been the most democratic and secular country in the World since the foundation of Turkish Republic in 1923. Time by time, when some religious governments are elected, they try to convert country to Islamic version. But Turkey is not built for this reason. It will be a secular country forever. 93% of population is Muslim, 5% is Christian and 2% is Jewish in Turkey. But everyone is free how to dress up, perform religion, to go to the mosque etc. No one has to go to the Mosque to pray. During praying times everyone works and weekends are Saturday and Sundays like on the western countries. Also All Restaurants are open during Ramadan Month when Muslims are fasting. If someone wants to drink water or eat something on the street, they are free to do it. When you want to visit some Mosques, you must respect the rules there and cover your head as a woman and wear a bit long shorts for man. But Women can wear the miniskirts, shorts etc. There are many wrong things are written in blogs to defame Turkey. Religion Life in Turkey.

When you come Turkey to visit, you will be hospitable, comfortable and safe country. You will witness a modern country which is rich in heritage and culture.