First of All, Turkey is not a Middle East Country. Turkey lands start at the end of Europe and covers all beginning of Asia. So Middle East starts when Turkey lands end. Second thing is Turkish People do not use Arabic Alphabet and use Turkish Alphabet which is similar with Latin Alphabet. Third thing is Turkish people do not speak Arabic. We speak our own language Turkish which is 3000 years old. Turkey has been the most democratic and secular country in the World since the foundation of Turkish Republic in 1923. Time by time, when some religious governments are elected, they try to convert country to Islamic version. But Turkey is not built for this reason. It will be a secular country forever. 93% of population is Muslim, 5% is Christian and 2% is Jewish in Turkey. But everyone is free how to dress up, perform religion, to go to the mosque etc. No one has to go to the Mosque to pray. During praying times everyone works and weekends are Saturday and Sundays like on the western countries. Also All Restaurants are open during Ramadan Month when Muslims are fasting. If someone wants to drink water or eat something on the street, they are free to do it. When you want to visit some Mosques, you must respect the rules there and cover your head as a woman and wear a bit long shorts for man. But Women can wear the miniskirts, shorts etc. There are many wrong things are written in blogs to defame Turkey. Religion Life in Turkey.

When you come Turkey to visit, you will be hospitable, comfortable and safe country. You will witness a modern country which is rich in heritage and culture.