Muslims fast 29/30 days of Ramadan month according to Islamic (moon calendar). All western countries have been using Sun calendar. But Islamic countries have been using Moon Calendar. There are 2 eating time a day. One is early morning called “suhur” before sun rising and second one after sunset called “iftar” to break fasting. Between two eating and drinking time, a fasting Muslim is not allowed to eat, drink anything. Also smoking, chewing gum, touching opposite sex are not allowed too.  Fasting rules for Muslims

Physically or mentally unwell Muslims are excused fasting. Instead of fasting they help poor people with donation. Such as children, people who have use medicine in day, pregnant women, breast feeding baby mothers, travelers are all out of fasting rules. A muslim does not fast because of reasons above, they can fast later in future days when they feel good or make a donation to poor people.