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Quartz Iznik Tiles

Quartz Iznik Tiles is a work of art and art lovers honor it in all over the world.

Iznik Tiles art is a Turkish Handcraft which has not got old and worn off from old centuries to today. Masters start with mixing quartz with little amount of clay to obtain the material of piece. Amount of quartz in used as a material shows the quality of Iznik tiles.

During Ottoman period, They had made a kind of hand made art by using quartz instead of clay. Quartz is a semi-precious stone and takes all negative energy away. So, They had used it on walls, decoration kitchen ware. Seljuks and Ottomans had used this art at the palaces, mosques since the beginning of period. It brings the esthetic to the building. Therefore, seen from this aspect, Iznik Tiles to use is healthy and soothes the person. It is an art which enlivens the people with its colors and various patterns. It brings in both eye pleasure and strength.

It absorbs stress

Raw material of Iznik Tiles is not earth. Quartz has been used like porcelain plates. It is a strong and semi-precious mine which Ottomans had called “Necef (rock crystal)”. Ottomans used to make praying beads and jewelry with it, too. A specialty of quartz is the impressing the people in positive way. Draw specialty of this semi-precious mine is desirable to touch the Iznik Tile. Iznik Tile absorbs stress from the people.

Masters has used hand free technique in painting on pieces. Blue from boron, green from copper, red from iron have been prepared. After giving the shape of piece, they fire it in over 900°C. And then, they paint. After painting, they glaze it and fire again over 1300°C.  Painting on the pieces is a hand free technique. After glazing and firing piece, it shows all the beauty of itself.

Making these handcraft tiles needs a hard work and long time. Because of that, 80% of tile cost is elbow grease. And then, energy affects the cost. So, a square meter of Iznik Tiles is between 1000 and 4000USD.

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