Turkey is a secular country. 93 % of public is Muslim. But officially, Turkish government welcomes all religions in Turkey. For hundreds years, Turks have preferred to mix the religions and live together. It was hospitality and politic . Because, religions were culture and especially artists are from different religions. They had come and lived together. For example, Armenians are the best in diamond cut and jewelry. Turkish Jewelry had reached the finest quality with Armenian artisans. Jews were really good in trade. They had found the finest quality of textiles and objects and carried the culture to Istanbul. All these mixture have become like different smell of flowers in nature.

We are all happy to live together with all religions. Only political conflicts between countries shows the misunderstanding of religions to everyone in the world.

According to 2000 census;

There are 2691 mosques, 123 churches and 20 Synagogues in Istanbul for Islam, Christianity, Judaism religions. Religious minorities are Sephardic Jews, Greek Orthodox Christians, Catholic Levantines and Armenian Christians. Kumkapi neighborhood has a significant Armenian population. Balat location has a sizeable Jewish population. And Fener has been known with a large Greek Orthodox Christian population. Also, Nisantasi and Pera have Laventine population. Ortakoy and Kuzguncuk have been the most peaceful districts of Istanbul. It is possible to see an Armenian Church,  a Synagogue and a Greek Orthodox Church  stand together beside a mosque.

Istanbul was the last seat of Islamic Caliphate from 1517 to 1924. When the Caliphate was ended, it was handed over the Turkish Parliament. Since 4th century AD, Patriarch of Constantinople, spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity has been located in Fener (Phanar) district. But all these people have been living together for hundreds year.

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Istanbul has been the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate since 4th century AD. It does continue to serve as the seat of some other Orthodox churches, such as the Turkish Orthodox Church and the Armenian Patriarchate. After moving the capital of Roman Empire to Constantinople, this city have become the capital of Christianity nearly for …

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The Judaism have been living with Jews in Turkey for 2400 years. According to archeologists, there were Jewish communities even during 5th century BC. Portugal¬† queen Isabel had asked them either leaving the country or changing believes to Christianity in 1480. Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II had invited them to Istanbul to live together. So many …

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93% of population in Turkey is Muslim. Since 10th century, Islam have become the most practiced religion in Anatolia. Anatolia means Turkey today. Most of Muslims in Turkey are Sunnis. Also There are some Alawites in Muslim community. Also %5 Christian and %2 Jews living in Turkey. Istanbul had been the final seat of the …

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