According to 2000 census; there are 2691 mosques, 123 churches and 20 Synagogues in Istanbul. Religious minorities are Sephardic Jews, Greek Orthodox Christians, Catholic Levantines and Armenian Christians. Kumkapi neighborhood has a significant Armenian population, Balat location has a sizeable Jewish population and Fener has been known with a large Greek Orthodox Christian population. Also, Nisantasi and Pera have Laventine population. In some places in Istanbul like Ortakoy or Kuzguncuk; an Armenian Church stands next to a Synagogue and on the another side of the road a Greek Orthodox church stands beside a mosque.

Istanbul was the last seat of Islamic Caliphate from 1517 to 1924. When the Caliphate was ended, it was handed over the Turkish Parliament. Since 4th century AD, Patriarch of Constantinople, spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity has been located in Fener (Phanar) district.

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