Society in Turkish Tradition

Families are in several types according to social, economic and local conditions in society.  The traditional extended and nuclear families are the two common types of families in Turkey.

The traditional extended family,

Generally means that three generations live together: grandfather, adult sons and sons’ sons, their wives. And also their unmarried daughters a married daughter becomes a member of her husband’s family and lives there. There is a unity of production and consumption together with common property in society. This type of family is becoming more and more rare today in society.

The nuclear family is parallel to industrialization and urbanization. So It replaces traditional families. The nuclear family consists of a husband, wife and unmarried children. This family type is more suitable to modern Turkish social life today.

Society in families

There are some economic, traditional and emotional conditions. These conditions form the duties and responsibilities of the modern nuclear family member in society. As for the economic conditions, each individual is supposed to play a part in supporting the continuation of the family. (Society) The father is usually responsible for making the basic income, the mother may perhaps contribute by working. If not, She will assume full-time take care of the home. Grandparents may also supply help with incomes from their pension or returns from owned property and rents. Younger children help with the housework (re-pairing, painting, cleaning) and when older contribute by usually covering at least their own expenses. Tradition places the father as the head of the family, but the mother has equal rights. The father is the representative and protector of the family whereas the mother takes care of all the day to day things.

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The continuity of a family is provided by children. With the development of people’s educational levels, the belief in the continuity only being provided by sons is losing its effect. At the pregnancy of a new daughter in-law, an excitement among family members grows. Upon hearing the good news, a golden bracelet comes immediately as …

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In the traditional family, marriage is still a family rather than a personal affair. Marriages are not conducted by the imam anymore as they were before the republic. By law they have to be civil. Approximately 40% of marriages are only civil, 50% are both civil and religious, 10% are only religious which means they …

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Social life consists of two different places: Inside and outside the home. Women leave the outside world to the men, generally remaining in the home. Women get married at an earlier age than men and settle into their role of housewife and home maker. As the education level of women increases, the fertility rate decreases. …

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