Turkish Leather

As one of the oldest craft of the world, nowadays, Turkish Leather working has been sustaining manufacture tradition which had brought through the centuries in Anatolia where hosted the oldest civilizations of the world…

It is a huge manufacturing sector which comes from centuries with its factories, confection workshops, leather tanning complexes in many cities and sites of Turkey.

Exporting leather products is the biggest sub-sector with nearly 55% margin. In 2005, 582 million$ of 1.050 billion$ exporting was belong to leather and fur clothing sector. Turkey has proved itself to the world marketing with its quality in leather confection field. Turkish leather and clothing sector mainly heads to these biggest markets in the world: Russia with 22.4%, Germany with 21.7%, France with 13.1%, the USA with 8.7% and Spain with 5.1%. It is  oldest culture of Turks. over 3 thousand years, Turks have been the masters of tanning leathers. And then, Turkish leather have become one of the biggest sector in the market.

Turkey is one of the best retailers in the world. and many famous brands work with these leather companies for tanning, confection and workshops.

The advantages of Turkish Leather and Fur Clothing sector in international competition:

–          Inclination to exporting and having the good experience

–          Fast and serial production-delivery service on order and flexibility in production

–          The quality and variety of raw material

–          Having improved ability of fashion design

–          Experience and quality in fur production