Turkish Rugs

Turkey has been famous for its hand woven Turkish rugs since the 15th century when Venetian traders introduced “Turkish work” rugs to wealthy Europeans. Of course, history of double knotted rugs goes back 6000 years. During excavations in Tibet, Archeologist had found oldest piece of rug called “Pazyrik”. It is oldest carpet piece in the world and belonged to oldest Turkish tribes. It is in National Museum of Moskov today. So Turkish tribes had woven these rugs to protect themselves from dust and cold weather in tents.

Also Turkish rugs are famous with gordion knots. Only Turkish Rugs have gordion knots in the world. It is double knotted style and makes the carpet finest. Many, carpets in a variety of qualities come from all around Anatolia. Ushak rugs which are wool on cotton are the finest cotton rugs in Europe. After 17th century, Ottomans had started to use pure silk to make finest silk wealthy rugs for royalty. Hereke and Kayseri rugs are good samples of them.  Of course, Hereke has centuries-old reputation for producing some of the finest silk rugs ever made.

Oriental rugs are not only beautiful, but also so durable that they last for generations, hold their value or even appreciate over time, age beautifully and look prettier with age than when they were new. They are also very easy to maintain and clean. These qualities make handmade rugs a greater value than any other home furnishing in the amount of beauty they add to any home or Office, and the value and incredibly long service they give to their owners.

Hand Woven Turkish Rugs & Kilims

As beautiful and mysterious hand loomed Turkish rugs are, they are also very hard to judge unless you are an expert. This makes it extremely important that you deal with a reputable rug dealer. Best Rug dealers must have a substantial stock, preferably specializing in hand knotted rugs, with many years of experience. The store must be certified and supported by Turkish Government as an Oriental Hand knotted Rug Store. Therefore, Turkish Government has supported Turkish Handcraft culture to protect the tradition and originality of those unique pieces.

You are going to see thousands of rug stores, when you visit old city of Istanbul. While walking round in the touristic area, some stranger may stop you on the road or in front of the museums or mosques by showing the friendly face to you. You may think that how Turkish people are friendly and helpful. Please believe us, they are not real Turkish! However, he will start to talk about the buildings around you and then, you will find yourself in a touristic store. Please do not pay attention to those people! We advise you to go to the best and safe local dealers who are official experts There are many official recommended stores to see what hand-woven Turkish rugs are…