Zerrin Sapmaz

Official Tour Guide Zerrin

As Tour Guide Zerrin, I have been developing, managing and guiding corporate travel programs – offering many unique and memorable travel experiences including amazing destinations, excellent service and value for money since 1993,

Therefore, personally sharing and revealing my wonderful experiences and special destinations in all over Turkey. It has always been my pleasure with my guests!

You are able to, and deserve to have private travel service in Turkey. Whatever you plan; your incentive meeting, a luxury vacation, round tours or jetting off for a quick weekend to Turkey with my care and attention, Therefore, I can promise you as a local tour guide in Turkey with 29 years experience, you will be glad you choose your local travel concierge in Turkey!

So,It is my job and passion to know the greatest destinations and most recommended vacation types in Turkey as Tour Guide Zerrin. Turkey is one of dreams of people all over the world…

After working with travel agencies for long years, I was really fed up from mass tourism, tourist traps and have to do basic itineraries. Therefore, I founded my own Travel Agency to do my independent tours to my guests like a close friend of my guests in 2015.

My Skills

Born: Muğla, 22.09.1972

Job Title:Official Tourist Guide Certified by Tourism Ministry of Turkey since 1993

Languages: English, Turkish

Last Used Value: Currently

# Tour Guide Zerrin


IRO ISTANBUL / The Chamber of Tourist Guides

TUREB/The Turkey General Association of Official Tour Guides

TURSAB / Turkey Travel Agencies Association

My Interests

  • The History of Religions and Civilizations: The religions and Civilizations in Asia Minor have fascinated me all the time.
  • Fine arts and handicrafts of Turks and Ottomans: I have been so amazed the history of arts and handcrafts of Turks. They had reached the finest quality of the world in Istanbul where east and west met and then split. Also l love oil painting, expressing my perception of the beauty of innocence in the life and nature to the canvass.
  • Photography: It is my genes to capture the beauty of nature and life in snapshots as a daughter of professional photographer. I love to illuminate my own perspective by visiting the Art Galleries, and meeting artists and artisans.
  • Turkish People: Turks have always fascinated me in for a life time, as a passion in both my personal and professional life.
  • Different Cultures: I am passionate to meet with different cultures and viewpoints as much as sharing my passion for Turkey with foreign people.


  • Guiding for groups and individual people for up to five days, catering to all customer needs
  • Giving talks about History of Religions,Cultures, Archaeological and Architectural sights, Arts and  Handcrafts during the city tours and round tours