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Mevlevi Order

Mevlevi Order mainly is the mystical dimension of Islam. Sufism has been to free personality from bad habits, cleanses his soul and attains maturity with his love for God. Sufism is a lifestyle; it is a different attitude to life. On the other hand, order arise from Sufism as institutionalized phenomenon. It resembles to the relationship between ice and water. Ice comes from water but a solid state of water. The metaphor “the ocean and a jug of water” explains the relationship between Sufism and Orders very well. Even if you take water from the ocean and fill it into jug, to what extent can the water in the jug preserve its oceanic nature.

In the Islamic world, there are many orders known. Mevlevi Order has been most famous one in the world. Ottoman Turks have called it as Mevleviyye in Ottoman Turkish. Sultan Veled, the son of Mevlana, had established Mevlevi order in 1273 after death of Mevlana. He wanted to keep framework of his father’s ideas.  Because of that, All followers had regarded Sultan Veled  as the real founder and the second father  of the Mevlevi order . He had founded the Mevlevi Order institution totally on the base of love and tolerance.

Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

The Mevlevi order continued its existence as the most institutionalized order during Ottoman Empire.  Today, Sema Ceremony is the most significant ritual of this culture. It has been a cultural heritage. Also, we believe to transfer to the next generation by universities, foundations and associations. As Turkish people, we continue their existence by means of various activities. In 2005, the Mevlevi Sema Ceremony was proclaimed as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It is one of the most important richness in Turkish Culture as a tradition of 800 years. We try to introduce as much as possibleto all over the world as our culture of 800 years.

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